Top 3 Health Resolutions for 2019

It’s hard to pick just three New Year’s health resolutions because health is a puzzle and there are many pieces to that puzzle of health.

The 3 health resolutions that are most common I would say are:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Lower your stress levels
  3. Get enough rest

Those seem to be the big three. Those are things that I see in my life as well because I get very excited and do a lot of things and a lot of volunteerism. So, I’m running around and sometimes I don’t always get enough rest. Increasing the amount of rest and good quality rest that you get is going to have a very positive effect on your health. When you’re most rested, you’re going to make better decisions, you’re going to feel better, and your muscles and your body recuperate.

If you are in an exercise program, that will help move it along as well. Getting enough exercise will keep your body healthy and strong and flexible which are all things that are extremely important for health.

And then working on a proper diet. If you’re not eating well, as the saying goes with computers, garbage in equals garbage out. So, if you put in better fuel, you’re going to get better performance out of the body. And those things are extremely important.

So, there are hundreds of resolutions that people need to make. But they’re definitely more individual. If I’m a smoker, then getting off cigarettes and nicotine might be a more important goal for me than losing weight or getting better quality sleep. It is different for everybody, but I think I touched on the top three.

Everyone wants to be exercising and losing weight, getting better quality sleep and lowering their stress levels. All those things are going to make for a happier life and a healthier life. Those would be my top three. But remember it’s always about the individual. If someone’s got really poor spinal health, then maybe getting their spine corrected might be their top priority. But it’s going to be different for everyone depending on their current level of fitness, their level of health and their level of commitment to their health.

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