Avoid Forward Head Posture


Every one is at risk for developing forward head posture. We are seeing it a lot more in kids with the advent of using cell phones, computers and things of that nature. I recommend having a professional look at how your desk is set up.  A professional who is trained in ergonomics can make sure that it is set up ergonomically specifically for your body type – someone who is 6’ 4” doesn’t have the same needs in a chair and a desk setup as someone who is  5’ 7”.  The body type and what is used to perform the work are both really important factors and it can require special equipment. If someone is short, they might need a foot rest that brings the floor up to them so they can sit more comfortably. Someone who is tall might need a special adapter to raise the computer screen a little bit higher.

Seeing a chiropractor regularly to check and make sure that everything is lined up and to make sure that all the joints can move freely through their range of motion is hugely important.  Also, get plenty of exercise and stretch.  Try not to sit in one position at a desk for hours and hours on end until  neck problems or headaches or whatever it might be develops.

It’s really about making a commitment to changing your life and your lifestyle and your postural habit and the first thing with that is really becoming aware of it. Be aware of the risks for forward head posture then prevent it. So it’s really about education, ergonomic setup, caring for your spine a little bit by doing periodic checkups and making sure that you have good sleep postures and proper supports whether you’re sitting, standing or lying down.

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