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He and his friendly staff make you feel more like a family member than a patient. If I could give 57th Street Chiropractic more stars I would! I came to Dr Gregg with chronic neck and shoulder pain that I suffered from due to working on a computer all day for the past 5 years. After a thorough examination, he came up with a 10 week treatment that not only cured my pain but resolved ailments that I never thought could be treated by a chiropractor. He’s dedicated and hosts free lectures every month to introduce the community to the wealth of benefits that you can receive with Chiropractic Care. My allergies have improved and I have so much more energy!!

Dawn R.

When I basically crawled from work and into their office on 57th street I was relieved and comforted by the friendly and accommodating welcome from Dr. Gregg and his staff. It wasn’t long after I started my wellness plan that I felt tremendous relief from my severe back pain. When I first started my weekly visits I also attended the health workshops Dr. Gregg provides, they were genuinely informative and helpful in understanding how my spinal health had been affecting my overall health, made me a true believer and hasn’t failed me since. In addition to myself, I also brought in my mother who is 60 and suffers severe spinal pain, dislocated discs among other heart/blood pressure ailments, he worked his magic on her as well and any time she is in town, we make sure to have an appointment. In short, whether you are looking for maintaining your spinal health or recovering from a more immediate injury, I highly recommend Dr. Gregg!

Rachel L.

He will answer any questions you have and keep checking in throughout the treatment. Everybody there is warm and professional. He has treatment plans and wellness plans and will guide you to not only what he feels will be best for your body, but what you’re most comfortable with. Never a hard sell. And he is gentle and effective. He understands that although the adjustments aren’t painful, they can be confusing and strange. I can’t wait to finish my course and see how optimally we can get this machine running!

Stacy R.

Dr Gregg is the best ever!! I was living w/ chronic neck+back pain+ he cured me!!! I recommend all my friends to him, he is a true healer!!!

Bob B.

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