Chiropractic Care is Safe: Proving the Myth Wrong

The biggest thing about dispelling the myth about chiropractic safety or it being dangerous is really very simple. I always quote and talk about malpractice insurance rates. Malpractice insurance rates are set and based on how dangerous the service you…
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Dispelling the Myths About Chiropractic

There have been many myths circulating about various aspects of chiropractic care but all of them can be proven false with an understanding of how chiropractic care works, who it can help and how affordable it is. Could you dispel…
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Chiropractic Care Is Gentle & Safe

  Chiropractic care is very safe with very effective results. I generally don’t try to convince anyone of anything but I do explain the safety of chiropractic in these terms. The safety record of chiropractic is evident by the low…
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