Chiropractors Enhance Nerve System Function for Total Body Health

I get asked a lot about specialized treatment plans that a chiropractor provides and things that are very specific, but chiropractic is a little bit different. The specialized thing that chiropractic does is very unique to chiropractic, and it really is what we call the detection and removal of vertebral subluxations.

Now vertebral subluxations are basically misalignments in the spine and they can be caused from stress, tension, poor posture, accidents, falls. All these different things can create misalignments. When the vertebrae misalign, they can put pressure on the delicate spinal nerves that exit between the vertebrae and that can cause a host of different issues. If you ever look at a nerve chart and you look at where those nerves go, they go everywhere in the body. They go to the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the spleen, the intestines. They run and regulate your immune system. They don’t just sense pain and move muscle.

And that’s why it is so important to get this message out that people truly understand that it isn’t just about what they’re feeling. It’s not just about pain, because the nerve system does a heck of a lot more than sense pain and move muscle. As a matter of fact, it’s only 10% of the nerve system that is dedicated to sensing pain and moving muscle and the other 90% is pretty much what runs, regulates and heals your body. And understanding that your nerve system is that master system controlling everything is why it is important to remove these subluxations.

These misalignments interfere with nerve transmission. And anytime you interfere with the communication between two entities, if you have irritation and you interfere with the transmission of nerve impulses that are going to the stomach, well, then you might see digestive issues, and then these people might go get a medication. But their problem isn’t a deficiency of some painkiller or some medication for the stomach. The problem is the irritation to the nerve system. So, by detecting where that’s coming from and clearing that out, many times you’ll see resolution of these other types of symptoms that look organic in nature, but are really kind of relating back to the misalignment and the irritation to the nerves.

So really when you boil everything else away, the chiropractor’s main job is to detect and remove these misalignments that we call subluxations. So, we are very specialized, and that’s really all we do. And some chiropractors dabble in rehab and do some other things to kind of help people after an injury. And I think that’s all well and good, but the common denominator in all of chiropractic is that vertebral subluxation and the corrective adjustment to correct the alignment. By doing that, you enhance nerve system function and allow the body to function optimally. And that’s what you want;  you want the body optimized. We want your nerve system working the best that it can be in your body. And it’s not always about a specific condition. It’s just about keeping everything running. It’s like tuning up the whole car just helps the car run better. When your tires are inflated properly, the car is safer and it operates better and it gets better gas mileage. So just by tweaking little things, you can affect all the other areas.

Since the nerve system is completely interconnected, it is the most effective system to affect all the other systems. It is the master in controlling system. One of our founders, B.J. Palmer, who developed Chiropractic, always said that every organ in your body is connected to the one underneath your hat. So, it’s so important to understand the interconnection and the function and role the nerve system plays and how keeping the nerve system stronger will enhance total body function and total health.

It’s not that chiropractic cures anything. It’s not a panacea, but it really optimizes the body function, making your body hopefully more resistant, stronger and better at handling the stresses and strains and everything that we throw at it. And lately, and especially in the past year and a couple of months, there’s been more stress thrown at our bodies mentally and physically. And it’s just been a banner year. And now that we’re a year into this pandemic, I’m seeing a lot of the effects of stress on the body, where people are coming in, they’re less active. So, we’re seeing a resurgence in our practice now after a quiet time for a great many months where people were almost even afraid to just come out.

It’s so important. And that’s why it’s not about a specialized treatment plan. Chiropractic is special in and of itself. And every care plan is specialized and every treatment plan is specialized for the individual after the examination. But the thing that I want to stress is that chiropractic again is about the detection and the removal of those misalignments or subluxations in optimizing health, not as a specific treatment for this, that, or the other thing.

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