Chiropractors Can Find the Cause of Your Headache

When a patient comes in complaining of headaches, you have got to do a proper examination and chiropractic analysis. As a chiropractor, you’re going to take a careful history; you’re going to listen to what they’ve been describing, how long they’ve had the headaches, what they associate it with.

Once you’ve done a complete history of the problem, orthopedic and neurological testing is always done to rule out any neurological factors. Then we can start by the process of elimination. If it turns out to be just an alignment problem, then the chiropractor will decide to start making the corrective adjustments to realign the vertebrae, get the pressure off those delicate spinal nerves that are pinched and irritated that cause the headaches, and that will allow your body to run, regulate and heal itself properly.

When you don’t have a healthy, strong nerve system, anytime the nerve system is limited or irritated, it is going to limit your life in certain ways. And if there is pressure on the nerve system, headaches and other signs and symptoms will show up. So, the best way to go about it is just do a proper full examination. Very often we’ll take X-rays to rule out any other significant complications, but the most important thing is taking a careful history, doing a proper examination, chiropractic analysis and being diligent to rule out other causes. We also need to have enough sense to know if a case is not responding, sometimes additional testing or referral out of your office is very important. Chiropractors have been trained and taught how to make appropriate referrals when necessary to make sure that everyone has a safe and very successful visit to the chiropractor.

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