How to Prepare Yourself For Allergy Season!

I get asked this question an awful lot and one of the important things is really just preparing your body to be healthier! When you look at someone who suffers from allergies, what makes that person unique and why do they suffer from allergies while these four people over here don’t?

The things that stimulate allergies like ragweed, pollen, tree pollen and all these other things are going to be in the air because spring is right around the corner. Certain people are just hypersensitive to those things in the environment while certain people aren’t.

What all the research shows is that the people that are hypersensitive their immune system, which is ultimately controlled by their nerve system, views that ragweed, pollen (or whatever it might be) as a foreign entity and causes a large scale immune system reaction. This reaction includes the release of all these histamines which cause the runny nose and the runny eyes and the sneezing and all those other reactions.

What chiropractic does for people is it helps realign the vertebrae, get pressure off the nerve system and allow the nerve system to control and coordinate the body’s reactions to these things in a more proper manner.  So for someone who is under regular chiropractic care, their nerve system should be less sensitive to these things that are normally in their environment.  Very often, people under regular chiropractic care who have had allergy problems in the past have seen a significant reduction in the amount of seasonal allergy suffering that they experience.

That’s really what the basic goal of chiropractic care is. It’s to tune up the nerve system to help it function properly.

Generally someone who is having an allergy problem is just hypersensitive for some reason. Their nerve system isn’t viewing that situation properly and it is really greatly over-reacting to these pollen and other things that are just naturally in the air.

I recommend to get yourself checked. If you’ve never been checked before by a chiropractor, take the time and go and get checked. See what the doctor has to say and find out if there is interference on your nerve system.

If there is, your doctor of chiropractic should be able to remove that interference and help your body function at a higher level. Now I want to say that there is no guarantee that if you have allergies and you see a chiropractor that they are all going to go away. But many people have seen relief for their seasonal allergies using chiropractic care.

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