The Top 5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

The top 5 benefits of receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy are:

  1. Alleviates Back Pain: During pregnancy, a lot of the expecting moms will be dealing with a lot of back pain. Typically, what you’ll see is the center of gravity starts to move forward as the mom gains 25 to 30 pounds, which often can result in lower back pain. The stress on the lower spine can affect the upper spine. Sometimes they’ll even see neck pain. Chiropractic care can mean a less painful pregnancy and that’s kind of a huge benefit.
  2. Removes Pressure on the Pelvis and Round Ligaments: Sometimes during the pregnancy, as the abdominal wall starts to push forward, it can put stress on the round ligaments and pelvic pain can start to ensue, typically right over the pubic synthesis or underneath the ribs. Those conditions respond very well to a technique called the Webster technique, where we’ll apply some pressure to some of these ligamentous insertions and see if we can get them to relax. Then the relaxed ligaments will alleviate the pain and allow the uterus to sit more squarely and centered through the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity, and that’s what really allows the body to pass the baby through the birth canal, when everything is lined up properly.
  3. Shorter Deliver Times: Additional benefits of the Webster technique is that it usually results in shorter delivery times, less need for interventions like Pitocin, epidurals or C-sections and increase the birth outcomes.
  4. Positions Baby Properly: When a baby is born vaginally, there’s a lot of health benefits to the baby as well. It gets the initial population of the mom’s flora as it passes through the birth canal mouth open. There’s the big squeeze on the fontanelles, which are the bones of the head as they slide past each other, which stimulates the pumping of cerebral spinal fluid, which starts that process as soon as that squeeze happens. There’s better bonding with vaginal deliveries.
  5. Promotes Vaginal Delivery: Most of the things that we do in chiropractic besides alleviating pain for the mom is really to allow her to deliver vaginally or have the most natural birth possible and have less interventions on the medical side, because when there were other interventions from medical side, particularly administering drugs or doing C-sections, there are surgical procedures, there are reactions to the actual medications. There’s post-op healing for the mom when they’re doing a C-section and it’s also a higher risk to the baby.

Most of the moms who are coming to me are trying to alleviate pain and just ensure that they’re having a natural vaginal delivery. I highly encourage everyone to work with doulas and midwives along with their chiropractic care, and they can still see their medical doctors. We want them to visit the OB-GYN, and we try to work with many of the OB-GYNs and explain what we do and how we go about it. Recently we’ve been getting more referrals from the obstetricians, so it’s been really rewarding lately, putting all this information out and meeting a lot more doctors.

There are multiple benefits to receiving chiropractic during pregnancy, but the biggest thing is there are no side effects and no drugs to what we do. It’s all-natural health and healing.

Dr. Gregg D. Rubinstein, D.C., is a midtown Manhattan chiropractor with over 20 years of experience providing customized chiropractic treatment services to a wide range of clients in the Midtown Manhattan/West New York City area. Dr. Gregg Rubinstein and 57th Street Chiropractic can be reached at (917) 534-6484 and is located at 119 West 57th St. in New York, NY. 

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