Chiropractic Care – a Holistic Approach to Healthcare


Chiropractic is a holistic approach to healthcare. In chiropractic we talk about holism by treating the body as a whole. The major premise in chiropractic that we really talk about with our patients is that there’s an innate intelligence that runs, regulates, and heals your body. It’s that animating force that controls this carbon based body that we drive around hopefully for four score and ten.

When we talk about holistic, what it means in chiropractic is that we hold that the nerve system is the master system. Every other system in the body is controlled by your nerve system. Your circulatory system, your respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, they’re all controlled by the nerve system. So, in theory, the healthier your nerve system is, the healthier those systems are going to be and the more efficient they are.

The big thing that chiropractors deal with in the body is called the detection and removal of vertebral subluxations. Vertebral subluxations, are misalignments of the spine, and when the bones get misaligned, they pinch or irritate the delicate spinal nerves that they’re designed to protect.

When you irritate a nerve, you’re either going to facilitate it, meaning that it’s going to spit out too many impulses, or you can experience a damning back of those nerve impulses and not enough. So, if those impulses are going to a muscle cell and we send too many impulses because the nerve’s irritated and we facilitate it, that muscle’s going to spasm. If we’re not sending enough impulses, the muscle’s going to show up or test weak.

Now, same theory, if we irritate a nerve that goes to the stomach and now we have nerve irritation and facilitates, well, then we’re going to have indigestion, secreting too much acid. And if it’s the opposite and we’re damning back the nerve flow to the stomach, well, then you’re not going to have enough stomach acid and you won’t digest the proteins properly. If you don’t break those proteins down into the proper amino acids, then you don’t have enough certain amino acids and then the liver can’t assemble these protein enzymes, which are supposed to do the work in the body, or any type of gland which is supposed to secrete any type of protein or enzyme or hormone. If it doesn’t have the right building blocks, it can’t make enough of them and then that’s going to show up as dysregulation in the hormones of the body. That’s going to affect how the body functions. If we don’t have enough adrenaline, we’re not going to be alert enough. We’re not going to be strong. If we have too much adrenaline, we’re going to be jittery, nervous and very tight.

So, understanding the major premise in chiropractic that it’s about neuro regulation and the nerve system controls everything else, then that’s really where we get this whole idea of holistic healthcare as treating the body as a whole, not just treating the symptom. And again, in medicine, you’re always going to see symptom treatment or what we call allopathic treatment. So, whatever the symptom is, they’re going to give you something to combat that symptom. But they’re only covering up the symptom.

The symptom is caused by something. And in chiropractic, we always want to look at the cause, what’s causing the problem, not the symptom. And chances are, if we look and understand that the whole body is run and regulated by the nerve system, the more efficient nerve system function we have, the better health you’re going to have. And that’s what holistic means.

Chiropractors are truly nerve system doctors. By optimizing the nerve system function and keeping it running like a DSL or a T1 line, not that crappy dial up, you’re going to be healthier and lead an active, healthy life.

That’s all chiropractic is. It is about making sure that the spine is in proper alignment to maintain good neural function from brain to the end user who tends to be a tissue cell. Because the body is made up of cells and then the cells are in tissues, and the tissues make up the organs. The organs are highly organized by the nerve system, so they do all their jobs and then all the organs working together make up the holistic body. And then when the body is working properly, that’s when we experience good health.

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