Chiropractic Care is Safe: Proving the Myth Wrong

The biggest thing about dispelling the myth about chiropractic safety or it being dangerous is really very simple. I always quote and talk about malpractice insurance rates. Malpractice insurance rates are set and based on how dangerous the service you perform is, and malpractice rates for chiropractors are very low. I pay $2,300 a year to insure my practice. It costs just a little more to insure my car than it does to insure my practice.

Now, those rates would not be so low if chiropractors were hurting people. As a matter of fact, if chiropractors were hurting people, it would probably be on the front page of the New York Times, and the medical profession and everyone else would try and shut us down and it would be a big deal. It never happens like that. Chiropractors do not hurt people. I always hear these stories like, “My mother’s brother’s cousin’s sister’s aunt was paralyzed by a chiropractor.” But that never happens like that.

Chiropractic is extremely safe, it’s not dangerous at all. And why would our malpractice rates be so low? When you look at a medical doctor, their malpractice is tens of thousands of dollars and a surgeon can be close to $100,000. OB-GYNs can pay close to and sometimes over $100,000. There is a lot more risk in what they do because they’re cutting people open and there’s higher risk of infection and a lot more that can go wrong.

I hang my hat on the fact that my malpractice insurance is very low. There is no way these insurance companies would allow us to pay a very low rate if what we did was risky. It’s just that simple. And you never hear these stories. Chiropractors are not paralyzing people, they’re not hurting people. It just doesn’t happen.

Chiropractic care is simple, gentle, and effective. It even works on infants and children, and it’s 100% safe.

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