Do you need Chiropractic Corrective Care or Maintenance Care?

When someone has a painful condition, chiropractors usually want to do some corrective work to correct or stabilize that condition. Then there would be time for maintenance. But condition-based care is always corrective care.

It’s the second phase of care that is really called maintenance or wellness care. Once you do the initial correction and stabilize the spine, periodic checkups are going to keep that spine healthy and make sure it doesn’t cause problems repetitively going forward. It’s just like changing the oil and making sure you have proper air pressure in the tires of your car. The better you maintain the car and keep it running, the longer it’s going to last and the better it’s going to function.

The body is no different. There are lots of moving parts. If you are able to keep that spine maintained and healthy, it’s not going to give you as much trouble. Whereas other people will just wait till there’s enough pain or discomfort and then have to do corrective work.

Maintenance care is always after the initial corrective work, and maintenance or wellness care is right for everyone. If you have a spine and a nerve system, you need to take care of it, because that’s so important. I always tease my patients and I say, “Gee, I wish your spines were on your faces, because if you saw what was happening to your spine on the inside, you’d be more apt to take care of it.”

So, always know that only a chiropractor is going to determine what phase you’re in and if you need to do corrective work or if it’s just maintenance. And they’re going to determine that by doing a proper examination, taking an X-ray, and then going over your history and finding out what you’ve done to keep your spine healthy. Then they will use certain assessment tools to determine how healthy your spine is and then determine which type of care. It is not determined by the patient. When someone comes and says, “Ah, doc, I just need a couple of adjustments here and there,” and I do my work and I disagree, I’m still going to put forth my opinion that they need to do some correction before they go straight into maintenance care.

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