Enjoy a More Relaxed and Less Painful Pregnancy with Chiropractic Care

The first and biggest thing that motivates moms to come in to see the chiropractor is pain or discomfort during pregnancy. Typically, when you’re pregnant, you’re not going to be taking a lot of medications because they can cross the blood barrier to the placenta and affect your unborn fetus in a mild way. So, less pain is important. There is tons of research on this. One article is entitled “Resolution of Pubic Synthesis Pain Dysfunction Following Chiropractic Care in a Pregnant Patient.” Another one is, “Resolution of Low Back Pain in Placenta Previa Following Chiropractic Care: Reduction of Vertebral Subluxation in Women.” These articles review resolution of hip, pubic, and lower back pain following chiropractic care in pregnant women, and resolution of back pain and sleep disturbance in a pregnant patient during Webster protocols. There is tons and tons of research talking about how chiropractic can affect pain.

Pain is usually the most important thing that moms are receiving chiropractic care for. However, when the moms are under care, a lot of times they’ll experience shorter delivery times, and more importantly, less need for interventions. As the pelvis is lined up better, we get more flexibility and more spread through the pelvis during delivery; chiropractic care can actually enhance that, particularly the Webster technique. It will make the delivery easier and usually result in a shorter delivery time and less need for interventions like epidurals, Pitocin, induction, and the dreaded C-section.

Keeping the mom comfortable and making sure that we have better delivery outcomes is really what it’s all about for the moms. And that’s what they all come in looking for. It also just keeps them focused, keeps them in less pain, which keeps them more relaxed. The more relaxed they are, the more comfortable they are and the easier the pregnancy.

It’s really just great to have someone else in your corner, kind of talking to you through some of the bumps in the road. And receiving chiropractic care really is a wonderful way to experience a healthier, more natural pregnancy. And that’s really what a lot of these moms are looking for. They want to have a more natural birth. They don’t want it to be this big medicalized process that it has become. All these natural interventions have improved birth outcomes on the medical side. It really does seem to help the moms a lot during the pregnancy with comfort and keeping them calm and relaxed and increasing the delivery outcomes.

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