Growing Stages

People talk about growth stages, kids going through growth spurts. I’ve discussed this before that usually when a baby starts out it really starts out with two cells, right? You know the mom donates the egg, dad donates the sperm, they come together and that’s the one cell which rapidly starts to divide. Then you get a big blob of cells and then that eventually forms the spinal cord and then coming off the cord you’ll watch every stage of growth and development with the heart bud and the kidney bud and the limb buds all starting to form. It’s really a continual process. It’s hard to determine where one stage ends and one stage begins but as you know then they go through infancy and then they’re the toddler and then they’re learning to walk and then they start to develop more and more and eventually go through puberty and then they reach skeletal maturity. So all those different stages are really just part of a big continuum.

When we talk about how chiropractic can help, how can someone who really doesn’t have any back pain or neck pain or any problems really benefit from chiropractic care, the answer is really simple. It’s just about prevention and maintenance and making sure that every stage of growth and development which is controlled by your nerve system, happens without any interference.

Stress, tension, poor posture, accidents, falls… all these things can accumulate in the spine and put pressure on the delicate spinal nerves that control and coordinate every stage of growth and development. And if that happens in an infant or in a small child, you can see developmental issues happening whether they be physical or mental because your nerve system controls both.

The other great thing that chiropractic has to offer is just making sure that the spine stays healthy because every bump and bruise and accident and fall or push and shove or collision on the soccer field, all those things can create those misalignments which chiropractors call subluxations.  And if we can remove those early, they’re less likely to have a bigger effect on their lives later. The longer you have pressure or nerve interference on the spine and nerve system, the more dramatic the effects can be. So getting your kids checked with some frequency and checked early will always prevent bigger problems from happening later and that’s why it’s important to check children through every stage of growth and development.

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