Maximize Your Child’s Potential to Heal with Chiropractic Care

I talk about this an awful lot with parents. I am always telling parents whether your child has been in an accident on the playground, in the car, or had a sports injury, it is so important to get them checked, whether they are having symptoms or not and whether there are apparent injuries or not. Children take hundreds of falls. While they learn to walk, they fall 20 times a day. They rough house with their siblings. They never get checked. They start playing backyard football and they tackle each other and throw themselves around. We used to play just tackle and kill the guy with the ball. We used to play all these silly games when we were kids, and all those things can really start to add up.

Misalignments can build up over time and start to build and build in the spine. If they build long enough and they misalign, they can put pressure on the delicate spinal nerves that exit from in between the bones. Now, those spinal nerves, they do an awful lot. They communicate messages from the brain to the body on how to run it, how to regulate it, and how to heal it. Our body’s nervous system is in charge. It is the master system and it controls everything. So, the better your nervous system functions, the better you function; the better your spine is lined up, the less pressure and irritation you’re going to see on that spine over time. So, it’s very important.

When the spine works better, you can optimize your body’s ability to heal, run, and regulate. That’s really where the happenings are because your body heals by regenerating and replacing damaged cells with healthy new ones. That’s all controlled by your nervous system. So, if the nervous system isn’t at 100%, then the health and healing of the body won’t be at 100%. So, we always want to maximize nervous system function by maximizing your child’s potential to heal by keeping that spine in good alignment so they can lead an active, healthy, drug-free life.

The best part about chiropractic is it uses no drugs or surgery and it works with the body’s own inherent recuperative powers, the way it was intended to. Make no mistake about it, when an adult or child chooses to get checked or not, it is so important to know that a spine cleared of interference is going to work better. And the better the spine is aligned, the less wear and tear or arthritic change you’re going to see later in life. Just like if the front end of my car isn’t lined up, I’m going to wear the tires funny over time. If the bones aren’t lined up, you’ll get more friction. You’ll see more bone spurs and degenerative arthritic changes. Correcting alignment early will prevent further damage to the spine. And as the kids age, if they never get checked, it can result in more arthritic changes in the spine.

There are tons of studies out there that show how adjustments and proper alignment slow down the arthritic changes in the degenerative progressions. It is so important that there is tons of research out there between the relationship of the nervous system and the immune system, which is coming out even more now and is more important, because your nervous system alerts your immune system when there’s an infection. And it also controls the level of response.

One other thing that’s been interesting during this COVID pandemic is that the people who get really sick are the ones whose immune system overreacts. It dumps every white blood cell, every immune system cell into the body and causes this massive amount of inflammation, which then thickens up the lungs with mucus. Then it’s harder to transfer the oxygen across. Then the heart has to work harder, and these people are ending up with cardiovascular events, like strokes and heart attacks. We’re trying to figure out why. Why is the immune system overreacting?

Well, the immune system overreacts sometimes because the neurologic control might not be in place properly. So, it’s just one way to make sure that your body is functioning at the top of its game and make sure that you can deal with every stress, every disease process, everything that comes at us.

And again, I just always want to say that chiropractic is not a panacea. It doesn’t cure everything that ails everybody, but having a healthy spine and a healthy nervous system always stacks the deck in your favor to make sure that your body is running and regulating and healing at its best.

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