Pain or No Pain: Get Checked by a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident


A lot of people will base their health on their symptoms, basically on how they feel. Most people think that if they have no pain, that they’re healthy. We know that’s not really true because there are a lot of disease processes and people who are sick that don’t necessarily feel pain right away. Someone could have cancer for six or seven years before they even notice any symptoms, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healthy. People can have heart disease for years and years and slowly start clogging the arteries and having all these issues, but their first symptom might be a heart attack seven or eight years later after the heart disease process has already started. So, everyone likes to base their health on symptoms and how they feel, and that’s not really the best way.

When we look at the nerve system, it is 90% dedicated to running, regulating, and healing the body. It doesn’t really have all that much to do with sensing pain. Only 10% of your nerve system is dedicated to sensing pain and moving muscles.

So, with 90% of your nerve system focused on things other than sensing pain, I’d be concerned about how your nerve system functions when you get into a motor vehicle accident. Those impacts can knock the bones out of alignment, or what a chiropractor would call subluxate, and when those bones subluxate, they misalign, pinch, and irritate the nerves. Since those nerves carry vital messages on how to run and regulate and heal your body, if you block those out, it slows things down, and then the body doesn’t work properly. For example, I always talked about Christopher Reeves because after his accident, when he disconnected a lot of the nerve connections, the areas that were not getting enough nerve energy did not function as well as the ones that did.

Chiropractic care is about increasing the function of your nerve system. Chiropractic clears the pathways, gets the irritation off the nerves, and maximizes the body’s ability to heal, run, and regulate.

It can take time for discomfort and pain to show up after an auto accident. Some people have an accident and don’t have pain until 24 to 48 hours later. So, you want to make sure that you’re getting checked by a chiropractor after an auto accident, and not just base it on how you feel because it’s not the best way to address your health.

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