Pathways Connect Group – A Resource For Holistic Parents

The Pathways Connect Group was designed and started to serve as a resource for expectant moms and holistic-minded parents, where they can talk about the issues relating to natural delivery and connect with other moms who have been through similar situations. It is partially what we call “crowd sourced.”

Most people can post questions on our Facebook page or email a question and either someone in the group will answer it, or one of the moderators. I am a moderator, along with Stephanie Heintzeler and Verena Schiml. I share my chiropractic expertise in pediatric, maternity and family care. Stephanie is a doula who works locally here in Manhattan and is a birth expert; she has been doing this for years. Verena is an exercise physiologist who talks about fitness and exercise for pre and post-partum.

It is really a group that serves the community of what I call, “crunchy moms,” or holistic-minded moms. It is really just a place where we can put out information and people can ask questions and find what they are looking for because people don’t realize they have choices in birthing and that you don’t have to have a hospital birth if that’s not what you want. So, it is a great place for people to ask questions, get feedback from people who have been through those experiences or are going through those experiences, or people who are experts trained in those areas.

Pathways Connect Group is a resource group to disseminate information and collect information, where people can speak freely about their holistic health choices. If interested in learning more please join our group on Facebook by clicking here: Pathways Connect Group-Conscious Pregnancy/New Parents Group

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