Range of Motion Exercise Video

In this video installment of Exercises With The Doc, we learn about “text neck” (aka forward head posture) and what you can do at home to keep that posture in check. These exercises are a great supplement to chiropractic care and can be useful for those who are unable to reach their local chiropractor or masseuse. Kids and teens can benefit from a quick ROM (Range of Motion) break too!

Download a pdf of the range of motion exercises HERE!

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Stay tuned for content on stretching, posture, exercises and more! 💪😎

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Recently, a patient shared about our commitment to health in an article he titled ‘What’s Your Movement?’
Jay Mandel writes: My Chiropractor, Dr. Gregg Rubinstein’s movement, is “Lifetime Care for Everyone.” You can see from the way he decorates his office to the videos that he posts on his website that his vocation carries more meaning than money for him. He shares his wealth of knowledge on health and wellness with his patients so they can live life without limits. He speaks on health issues such as chiropractic for pregnancy, stress relief, sports injuries, joint pain relief, cold and flu, pediatric care, headaches, growing stages, and more. It is more than a job for Dr. Gregg. (full article here)



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