Should You See a Chiropractor or a Physical Therapist for Pain Relief?

I believe people always have the right to choose how they treat their health, how they manage their health problems and what they put into their bodies. When it comes to prevention and keeping your spine and nerve system healthy, I would always choose chiropractic hands down over anything else.

Chiropractic stands alone in what we do. And yes, chiropractic is very effective in helping people with musculoskeletal injuries like back pain and neck pain and headaches. It just makes sense that if the spine is better aligned, the better it functions and the less irritation you’re going to have to the nerve system, but that’s not where the chiropractor’s job ends.

The body heals by replacing damaged cells with healthy new ones, and all of those functions are neuro regulated. If the messages are disturbed by those misalignments irritating the nerve and the messages don’t get through, the body’s ability to heal itself is compromised. That’s why people with damage to their nerve system like quadriplegics or paraplegics have trouble healing. Their nerve system connections are basically shut down or limited. Any area of the body that doesn’t have proper nerve supply will not and does not heal. And when you think about it, if someone’s paralyzed and you look at their legs, their legs are super skinny because without that nerve energy, the cells start to die off. So, when the spine is misaligned or subluxated, the nerve system isn’t optimized and the body’s inherent recuperative power is diminished.

Seeing a chiropractor is going to be good for you regardless of what type of injury you have, and it certainly can be done in conjunction with physical therapy. It doesn’t really matter what condition you have when you see a chiropractor. You can have herpes, headaches, or a hangnail, it doesn’t really matter. You’re always going to be better off with chiropractic in your life as part of your healthcare team.

So, you come to the chiropractor to keep your spine and your body healthy, and you use physical therapy when you need rehab for recovery from a surgical procedure or a torn muscle or a torn ligament. Typically, you’ll see the orthopedist or a medical doctor and they’ll hand you a prescription for either drugs, surgery recommendations, or physical therapy. I always recommend trying the natural options first because the drugs and surgery options will always be there after you’ve exhausted the natural ways if they’re not working for you.

It is really up to the individual to choose depending on what type of problem they have. But if you are rehabbing a knee and ankle or you are post-trauma, usually the physical therapists are very well-trained to manage that. You can work in conjunction with a chiropractor to make sure that the spine and nerve system stay healthy. I like to use physical therapists for rehab for my shoulder and when my knee was banged up; but for general spine care, I think that the chiropractors are the best trained, have more experience doing the spinal adjusting, and that’s what I like to recommend.

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