Suffering from Vertigo? Chiropractors Can Help


For people suffering from vertigo, there can be a couple of different causes. Vertigo certainly has been coming from the inner ear but if it’s ruled out that there’s no inner ear infection or no inner ear disorder, most commonly then we start looking at the first cervical vertebrae or what we call the atlas. The atlas is located at the very top of the cervical spine just under the skull. This tiny bone is basically the entrance point – every single nerve on your body passes from the brain stem through that bone and then it also has two very important arteries that wrap around it that supply blood to the brain. If the atlas is misaligned from stress, tension, poor posture, accidents, falls, the pressure put on these arteries can result in a lack of blood flow to the brain. In addition, your whole body can be thrown off balance because as your core tries to make up for the crooked misalignment in the head or neck, pressure on the brain stem can also result from the atlas misalignment.

The combination of undue stress on the nerve system and reduced blood flow to the brain could create a host of symptoms including dizziness, and vertigo is very common among them. When this bone is realigned into its proper position, we restore adequate blood flow. We also remove any interference or pressure building up on the brain stem or the nerves that are exiting there. Then when your nerve system returns to that state of being free from interference and your entire frame starts to regain its balance, that very often is going to result in the end of vertigo and all the discomfort that comes along with it.

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