C-Section Delivery: The Impact on Infants

C-section births impact infants in a few important ways. It has an effect on the infant, but it also has an effect on the mother. They are both in it together, but there are a lot of different things that…
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C-Sections and Their Impact on Infants

Infants born by c-section are more likely to be born premature, have problems with their lungs and become more susceptible to illness than if they were born naturally. What are some reasons women have C-sections versus vaginal delivery? Dr. Gregg…
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Chiropractic for Post-Delivery

Chiropractic care helps new mothers get their body back to normal and maintain a healthy nervous system that will allow them to handle all the activity and stress of motherhood. How can a Chiropractor help a woman who just delivered?…
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In-Utero Constraint Solutions

By working with the mom to relax the ligaments and adjust the pelvis, chiropractic care can help relieve in-utero constraint during pregnancy. What causes in-utero constraint? Dr. Gregg Rubinstein: There are quite a few different causes listed. Let’s actually talk…
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Webster Technique Certified

The Webster Technique is a safe and effective chiropractic technique that can be performed on all adults for proper pelvic alignment. This technique especially helps women before and during pregnancy to¬†reduce intrauterine constraint and to allow the baby to get…
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