Top 5 Tips for Living Pain-Free

1. Exercise Well, the first one, I think, is always going to be exercise. You have got to get proper exercise. We are designed to move, and our bodies stay healthy and the joints stay nourished the more we move.…
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Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Realistic

I can think of hundreds of health related New Year’s resolutions and I’m sure most everyone has thought of a different New Year’s resolution every year. Sometimes we keep them and sometimes we don’t. The most important ones are compelling…
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Top 3 Tips to Stay Healthy and Well

There is an abundance of things that we can do to stay healthy and well. While listening to a presenter in a seminar not too long ago, he mentioned three things. He said you need to EAT WELL, you need…
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Advice for Staying Well

Staying healthy and well is not easy. Reducing stress, sleeping enough, exercising, eating the right foods and seeking chiropractic care are all natural ways to stay healthy. What kind of exercise should people be doing to stay healthy? That’s a…
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