The Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care for Mom and Baby

Pregnancy and birth are a natural process and with chiropractic care supporting the process it can be a lot more comfortable. There are a lot of benefits of receiving prenatal chiropractic care.

When we look at the benefits to the mom for prenatal care, it really prepares the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth by creating a state of balance in the pelvis, bony structures, muscles, and ligaments. It removes torsion or twisting of the ligaments that support the uterus, thus potentially reducing the aberrant tension of the woman’s uterus to allow for an easier birth. It reduces the interference to the mom’s vital nerve system, which controls and coordinates all of her systems and functions particularly at this special time. And it improves the maternal function by decreasing any type of interference and will eliminate the need for any unnecessary interventions by decreasing that potential because the smoother everything is lined up, the easier it is for the baby to pass through the birth canal. What we see is a decrease in birth times and a decrease in interventions with moms under chiropractic care during the prenatal stages.

The benefits to the infant, well, it really again reduces interference to the mom’s nerve system to allow for better baby development. That talks about the environment. If the baby is developing in the womb and the mother is stressed out, then her body chemistry is going to be that of stress and that is going to affect the way the baby grows in utero. Pelvic balance allows her greater room for the baby to develop without restrictions to its forming cranium and spine and the other skeletal structures. It also offers the baby room to move into the best possible position for birthing. Then with proper fetal positioning, there’s a significant decrease in dystocia, which is a slow labored delivery and that often can result in birth trauma if the process takes too long and the doctors can get impatient. Sometimes they will have to help by trying to pull the neck of the baby and that can cause birth trauma when they’re trying to deliver, so natural child birth is always going to be better.

The better positioning and the better the mom’s nerve system is working, then the lower the chance of dystocia in birth and again allows for a quicker, less intervention laden birth. That’s really what the goal of prenatal chiropractic care is for both the mom and the infant.

Dr. Gregg D. Rubinstein, D.C., is a midtown Manhattan chiropractor with over 20 years of experience providing customized chiropractic treatment services to a wide range of clients in the Midtown Manhattan/West New York City area. Dr. Gregg Rubinstein and 57th Street Chiropractic can be reached at (917) 534-6484 and is located at 119 West 57th St. in New York, NY. 

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