The Top 4 Health Resolutions for 2022

From my perspective as a chiropractor, the top 4 health resolutions that are most important to commit to are:

1. Lower Your Stress Levels

After the crazy year we’ve had with the pandemic and all the stress we’ve had, the number one resolution on my list is to lower your stress levels. I don’t know if that’s going to be exercising, meditating, whatever it is, but that’s something that we need to do. We all need to lower our stress levels. When we’re in stress, our body goes into sympathetic overdrive. We put out an insane amount of adrenaline and cortisol. Cortisol has a negative effect on our immune system. It shuts it down because it saves the body’s energy for other things when it’s in fight or flight. Lowering your stress levels is definitely going to be my number one resolution.

2. Get Better Quality Sleep

It’s obvious that the body heals when it’s at rest. When we’re sick and we’re not feeling so well, our body is not full of energy. It feels like it’s tired and achy, and that is the innate wisdom of our body talking to us and telling us that we need to sleep. When we sleep that is when the body heals, rests, and recuperates and gives us the energy for the next day. My number two resolution is definitely getting more sleep.

3. Exercise More

Exercise is going to help us deal with stress. When we’re all stressed out, again, we are highly adrenalized, but when we exercise, we burn off the adrenaline and it doesn’t keep coursing through our veins, keeping us in that level of high alert. Exercise will help reduce the negative impact of stress and all those other stresses that come into our life. It’s going to help you feel better, you’re going to have better muscle tone, and you’ll have more energy. Exercising is always huge.

4. See a Chiropractor

I might be biased as a chiropractor but see your chiropractor. Keep your spine and nerve system as healthy as possible. The straighter the spine with less misalignment, the higher level of function you get out of your nerve system, because your spine protects your central nervous system. When the nerve system is irritated due to spinal misalignment, you just can’t be functioning at 100%. It’s like running your computer off dial-up internet. You’re just not getting that full connection. The more solid the connection in the body, the healthier you’re going to be, the better prepared your body and your nerve system are going to be in dealing with viruses and bacteria and all the stresses of life. It really helps bolster the immune system and keep your body healthy and strong. It’s one of the best ways I know to keep your body healthy without using drugs and surgery.

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