Tips to Jump Start Your Stretching and Exercise Routine

If you haven’t exercised in a long time, the most important thing to do is to do something. I always say that whatever you do, it has to be compelling. If I say you should do yoga, and you don’t like to do yoga, well, it’s not going to be very compelling, and you’re not going to do it.

But the most important thing is just to start. I always say start with something easy – something as easy as just walking with a friend or a loved one, and then building up from there.

If you are not good at exercising or it is not something that you’ve done before, seek help from a professional. If you are unsure what to do, you can talk to a chiropractor who might be able to teach you how to stretch. But a physical trainer is another great person to talk to, because they are going to help you with an exercise program. They are going to ask you the proper questions to find out what  you like to do, what is your health history. For some people who have a heart condition, certain exercises are going to be better for them than another person. It is very individual.

I always like to tell people to write down what their health goals are, talk to professionals and find something that is compelling for them to do. Just because their doctor said it, chances are people aren’t going to do it. We have all talked to people about quitting smoking or eating more healthfully. If they are ready to do it and make those change on the inside, then they are going to do it. It doesn’t really matter what I say or do.

The most important thing is to start off slow. Seek professional help. If you have the opportunity, share your health goals with someone else who will keep you motivated. It is great to have someone else to hold you accountable.

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