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Chiropractic Care – a Holistic Approach to Healthcare

nd3000/ Chiropractic is a holistic approach to healthcare. In chiropractic we talk about holism by treating the body as a whole. The major premise in chiropractic that we really talk about with our patients is that there’s an innate intelligence…
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Why is Chiropractic Considered Holistic and What Does Holistic Mean Anyway?

Chiropractors take a holistic, whole body approach to treating patients. Chiropractic care examines and aligns the spine to remove interference with the nervous system that may be causing pain and dysfunction throughout the body. This allows for the entire body…
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Osteoarthritis Can Be Helped with Chiropractic Care

anut21ng stock/ The most common form of arthritis is typically osteoarthritis. It’s been nicknamed “everyone’s disease” because everyone, at some point, in their life will be affected by it. The degree and severity of the amount of inflammation, swelling and…
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What is Arthritis? Who Gets it and Why?

Most people will develop arthritis over time but by caring for their spine from a young age and seeking chiropractic care to keep it healthy, people can avoid severe cases of it. What is arthritis? Dr. Gregg Rubinstein: Well, that’s…
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The Best Way to Teach Children Proper Posture

everest community/ The number one thing that parents can do to teach their children good posture is to set a proper example for them. Kids look to their parents. They want to be just like Mom and Dad. And if…
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